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September 13

Fall is here and along the crisp air ushers in a new energy. There is a feeling of hope. Breathe in gratitude for all we have and all we have learned in this unusual time. We have taken a giant step forward towards a new world of love. After last week's letting go, it is time to move forward with grace and ease. Stay in the flow, don't fight against the winds of change and just like Mary Poppins let the wind lift you to a higher vibration...


Mindful Mantra

A tree is a good reminder of the motto As Above, So Below... meaning what we can imagine or what exists in one realm, can also exist here.... in other words, dreams can come true.

Take just a few minutes of undistracted time and really think about what your ideal day looks like - from morning to morning (yes include a restful sleep or new moon ritual or whatever!).

I am a Tree
Download • 108KB


Love Meditation

Your roots are strong and earthed below you while your branches reach up to the sun. As the wind blows, your branches and leaves flutter and sway but you are unmoved.


Magic Carpet Yoga

This week's rituals will help you root to the earth while remaining flexible as the wind blows. Tree Pose is such a good position for balance, reminding you to keep a strong foundation while reaching up to the sun.


Magic School

Make up a story with your kids. Before bed is the perfect time to mix up story time. Get your little one to come up with the character and basic plot. Then it's up to you to string it out and fill in details. My stories for Theo often include him camping with his baby siblings, making sure they are warm and cosy and looking at the night stars together.

For added effect depending on your child, tell the story by walking your fingers across their backs, stopping and making tactile gestures for different parts of the story.


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