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Good Evening Star Baby

By Kathy Walsh

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Our beautiful star babies are coming into the world, beacons of hope and love! Born against the odds, bringing new energy and filling the world with their light. Parenting these star babies requires an elevated set of skills. It's not just about positive parenting, but about calibrating your home to a new vibration - one brimming with love and light. “Good evening Star Baby” and other Peace Place for Kids books are calibrated to this new vibration of love, reinforcing messages of gratitude, joy, kindness, compassion, positive thinking. 

Why Us


 “Good Evening Star Baby” is written to nurture that cosmic light in your star babies by connecting them to their natural vibration of peace and love as they take a magical ride on a shooting star. Soaring over the moon, visiting night rainbows, darting through the stars, and growing ever brighter as they learn that happiness shines from the inside out.  With soft lyrical verse, “Good Evening Star Baby” captures the imagination of your child and encourages them to shine as bright as they can be. Beautifully illustrated with whimsical and vibrant drawings this book is a wonderful tool created for parents who practice mindfulness and meditation to introduce and engage in these practices with their children.




“My little is drawn to the illustrations in this picture book— they’re vibrant & whimsical! Which pairs with the bouncy lyrics of the text.”

Jenna, The Literacy Library      

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Good Evening Star Baby came to me years ago at a magical place called Star Dreaming in Galisteo, New Mexico. As I was walking around the crystal pathed labyrinths, my guides channeled the book to me. They informed me that these children coming into the world now are filled with light! They are light beings and they require a different way of parenting and guidance to navigate this world. This book speaks to them, and helps them connect with that light lives inside of them. 

“The overall effect is very calming, making it great for bedtime and for practicing mindfulness exercises with your child. When the book first arrived Ivy and I read it through together and spent a lot of time exploring the illustrations. I then asked her to lie down with her eyes closed and I read it again, encouraging her to picture herself in the images she had just seen. I found it fascinating to watch her emotions play out on her face as she relaxed into it and she enjoyed the ‘game’ so much that we’ve repeated it many times since.”

Shelley, Ivy's Library

Thank you to Kathy Walsh and her team for creating and sharing this story with me! I look forward to sharing it with my students soon as we work together to create a positive, mindful and peaceful learning environment.

The Bright Classroom

How It Works

"The words of this beautiful book are

calming, peaceful and full of joy and light."

"After 6 months of turmoil, anxiety in children is inevitably at an all time high. Which is why we need books like this from Kathy Walsh, founder of Peace Place for Kids . The words of this beautiful book are calming, peaceful and full of joy and light. The illustrations are full of intrigue and capture the magical qualities of the text perfectly. With mindfulness so high on the agenda at home and in school, you should definitely check out Kathy’s other inspirational resources. Everything is designed to help children and parents use mindfulness to find peace and balance in our turbulent world. As you can see my little Star Baby adored this little gem and I can see this becoming a favourite bedtime story for sure!!" 

~Mrs. Holdstock

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“In a world of uncertain times and hard times, this book brings some light into storytime. The book is about an adventure of a night ride on a shooting star, where stars and rainbows light up the sky.  It helps connect little babes to the light of the stars and helps them to feel peace within. It brings beautiful energy to storytime, and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. There’s even a dream catcher!”

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Written by mindfulness expert Kathy Walsh and inspired by her whimsical childhood “Good Evening Star Baby” and the other books in the Peace Place for Kids series, share her stories of mindfulness and peace while providing children and parents alike the tools they need to live a peaceful life and make a positive impact on our world.

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Peace Place for Kids offers a magical series of books with a  focus on teaching kids to practice gratitude, think positively, connect to their spirit animals, practice yoga, meditate and soar through the night on shooting stars.

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