Peaceful Parenting Course
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In this course, Kathy acts as a guide for navigating parenting through the eyes of love, creating a home filled with peace and nourishing children’s natural vibration of love. Drawing on her years of experience working with children and parents Kathy provides easy-to-follow instruction and guidance designed to educate, encourage and inspire families!

This course is set up so that you can go at the pace that fits your life or you can follow along week by week as Kathy dives into the sometimes murky waters of parenting. Each week Kathy provides insights, resources and personal experiences that give you, as parents, the tools you need to create the peaceful, mindful home you’ve been dreaming of. 

Children learn by observing what their parents are doing. By implementing Kathy's lessons of mindfulness, meditation and movement into their parenting styles, parents will be prepared to be an example of living in gratitude, positive thinking and loving what is.

Parents will learn the value of connecting children to a vibration of peace. Why peace?

Because peace is where your life soars.

Included in this course:

Your 4-week Peaceful Parenting video course that you will be able to access for a lifetime!

A printable “Mindful Parenting Workbook” that contains beautifully curated worksheets for all 4 weeks of the course as well as gratitude journaling prompts and weekly checklists!

Kathy’s best-selling book “30 Days to a Mindful Home” a guide for every family to start making their home a more mindful and peaceful space. 

A printable “Mindful Parenting Journal” full of positive affirmations, journaling prompts and self-care tips!