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Raising children born in a  world riddled with negative energy and darkness requires a new kind of parenting. Our children are being born star babies, beacons of hope with a brightness made to drive away the darkness and change the world! These star babies live in their hearts and naturally vibrate with love.  Nurturing this light, enabling it to shine its brightest, means equipping our star babies with tools to stay in their natural vibration of love and by so doing live in peace and joy. Teaching star babies how to process a range of emotions in a healthy positive way will nourish their bright energy and allow it to flourish this, in turn, will amplify their love-filled light bringing hope to the world around them! Our hope for you, as parents to these bright shining stars, is that these books equip you with tools designed to help nurture your star baby’s cosmic light. 

"This is a truly beautiful read with a beautiful message.

I'd read this to my children over and over again!"

Sarah Wheeler

Tara’s Message is one of great HOPE. Through vibrant colors and bewitching illustrations, Tara’s Message guides young and old on a journey beyond this world. Soaring through the sky, jumping on the clouds and swinging through the stars Tara brings a reassuring voice that removes the fear and uncertainty surrounding the idea of death and replacing these associations with positive, safe, and warm connections.  A wonderful tool for the whole family to help understand and cope with loss in a healthy, positive way. Though losing loved ones is a sad experience that everyone goes through, reading Tara’s Message to your star baby will help them navigate these difficult feelings and cope with loss in a healthy, positive way. This positivity will feed the love and light in your star baby allowing them to light the way for the world!


"Tara’s Message is a beautiful book that helps children process their feeling around the death of a loved one or pet. This book helps them realize that they are always connected through their hearts. Tara’s message is part of a collection of books at Peace Place for Kids that help children live more peaceful lives by focusing on positive thoughts, gratitude, kindness and love. “Do yourself, your child, your family and the world of favor by incorporating this fantastic array of books into your own book collection.”

Randi Eighty MPR mom 

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"I love this book. I think it approaches a sometimes sad and scary reality of life in a very kid-friendly, hopeful way."

Annie Y

This beautiful message was told to Kathy Walsh one night by Tara, several months after she passed away from this earth. An angelic ten-year-old girl whose journey beyond this world now serves as a hope-filled message of peace and comfort for anyone who has lost a friend, relative, or animal.  

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Peace Place for Kids offers a magical series of books with a  focus on teaching kids to practice gratitude, think positively, connect to their spirit animals, practice yoga, meditate and soar through the night on shooting stars.

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Tara's Message


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