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Peaceful Parenting Coaching

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Navigating parenting during uncertain times can be tough and can lead to feeling lost, overwhelmed and unsure. I believe deep down every parent knows how to nurture the light in their Star Child but this parental intuition can become buried under the stress and negative energy in the world.  As your Mindful Parenting Coach I can help you unearth your parental intuition’s voice,  guide you as you learn how to feed the light shining brightly in your child, establish a family intention, and create a home filled with peace and love, the natural habitat of your Star Child. Together we can chart a course that is authentic to your parental intuition and family intention.


Let me help you look at parenting through the eyes of love.


If you are interested in working with me as your Mindful Parenting Coach please email me at

$125 per session

Peaceful Parenting Coaching
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