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My Mindful Book of ABCs

By Kathy Walsh

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Teaching your star baby mindfulness is as easy as ABC!  “My Mindful Book of ABCs”  is the perfect tool to introduce mindfulness to your beautiful star baby. Delightful and engaging illustrations take you and your child on a magical journey through the 26 letters of the alphabet. At each stop, you are greeted with loving affirmations, joyful intentions, and reflections of gratitude. The soothing cadence gently reinforces the mastery of the alphabet while inviting peace into your home and hearts. Each letter can be used individually for 26 days of positive mindful meditations and intentions that will fill your home with love and transform everyone in it. 

Children being born right now are calibrated to a vibration of love and peace. Star babies born perfectly in harmony with the new earth, filled with light. They live in a vibration of love, guided by their hearts and intuition. Star babies are here to teach us and show us the way, beacons of hope.  Parenting these star babies requires an elevated set of skills. It's not just about positive parenting, but about calibrating your home to a vibration of love and light.  Allowing and encouraging your star baby to let their hearts guide them and assuring them they can be exactly as they are. 


Books are powerful things. They can take children on grand adventures through space and time, spark their imagination, engage their minds and shape their futures. What we read to our children becomes part of the framework of our intention as parents. Intention is everything. It is a force that sets things in motion. What we focus that force on grows in our homes and in our children. Teaching children to focus on gratitude, love and positive thoughts will connect them to peace and by so doing let them live a life of joy. 

“Through Kathy's writing and the illustrations in her books you are able to see life as the beautiful mystery that it is. It brings you to a place that you want to introduce your children to and incorporate in your everyday life and interactions. You and your family, together, are able to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation in this often hectic world.”


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My Mindful Book of ABCs is a fun and easy way to incorporate a message of mindfulness into every day! #MAMAS can now bring elements of joy, love and gratitude into their children;'s lives as they teach them their ABCs. In this way, children not only begin to learn how to read and write, they are able to take away messages that will connect with their hearts.

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Written by mindfulness expert Kathy Walsh and inspired by her whimsical childhood “My Mindful Book of ABCs” and the other books in the Peace Place for Kids series, share her stories of mindfulness and peace while providing children and parents alike the tools they need to live a peaceful life and make a positive impact on our world.

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Peace Place for Kids offers “My Mindful Book of ABCs” as part of a magical series of books with a focus on love, teaching children to practice gratitude, think positively, connect to their spirit animals, practice yoga, meditate and soar through the night on shooting stars.

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