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I'm a Little Yogi

By Kathy Walsh

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I’m a Little Yogi is a delightfully playful picture book filled with positive messages that take children through simple sweet yoga poses curated to help children connect to peace, feel their feelings and live with gratitude. Guiding children through gentle engaging child-friendly flows I’m a Little Yogi emphasizes positive messages telling your star baby, “you are amazing!” and “you are a bright and shining star!”. This captivating book hands children the tools to vibrate peace and love. I’m a Little Yogi helps star babies connect more deeply with their inner self bringing out the miraculous inner light that all children have.

Parenting bright shining star babies means nurturing their natural vibrations of peace and love, feeding the light inside them to shine as brightly as it can.  For star babies, growing in love and peace means learning to be mindful of their feelings and learning to balance their negative and positive emotions. This balance creates peace allowing them to live a life full of joy, love and gratitude. Our wish for you, as parents to these darling star babies, is to provide you with tools designed to help you nurture your star baby’s cosmic light, and create a warm love-filled environment that allows their light to shine its brightest.


One marvelous way to teach children tools to check in with themselves and regulate their feelings is by practicing yoga. Engaging in this gentle-flowing practice will help children learn to process their emotions and to release their negative thoughts and feelings, bringing them into their natural vibration of peace and love. 

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"This book teaches about love in such a beautiful way. The message this book has is one that I'm glad I shared with my boy.s This is definitely one of our favorite books."

Sylvie Armas - My Silly Little Gang

"I read this book together with my four-year-old. She really enjoyed looking at the graphics while reading through the pages. It gave her a clearer understanding of the message Kathy was trying to convey through the story. The bright colors used in the pictures and the child-like drawings also helped capture her attention while reading through the book."

Dominique Goh - Dominique's Desk

Written by mindfulness expert Kathy Walsh and inspired by her whimsical childhood, I’m a Little Yogi, and the other books in the Peace Place for Kids series, share her stories of mindfulness and peace while providing children and parents alike the tools they need to live a peaceful life and make a positive impact on our world.

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Peace Place for Kids offers a magical series of books with a  focus on teaching kids to practice gratitude, think positively, connect to their spirit animals, practice yoga, meditate and soar through the night on shooting stars.

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