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October 18

The light is really starting to dwindle, Mercury is in retrograde and everyone seems to be losing their mojo - even as the moon waxes and promises some sort of completion. We are literally counting down the days until we all feel less deeply, cosmically stressed! With Halloween next week, the veil between here and there will be at its thinnest so expect some excitement at least as celebrate our spirit animals. For now, let's revel in sun light, bring it inside for some Scandinavian hygge and celebrate some of our favorite things.


Mindful Mantra

We want to focus on letting light into every pore of our body and every corner of our heart. This coloring meditation is so beneficial for thinking positively about your kids, especially helpful if you are battling any outside opinions that just don't sit right with you. So let's focus on what you love about your child and manifesting their cosmic light. Reframe negatives into positives.

Download, print, color, meditate, think positively about your kids, hang up to remind you to see the positive every day.

Sun Week
Download PDF • 329KB


Love Meditation

This week's meditation guides you through a mindful walk in the woods, reminding you to feel gratitude for everything around you as you let the sunlight into your body.


Magic Carpet Yoga

These are some of our favorite yoga poses to help warm up your body and move energy.


Magic School

These Waldorf-inspired leaf lanterns bring a warm reminder of the wonder of nature and are prefect for evening tiger hunts and table decor. There are heaps of directions you can find online (we particularly like this one) but here is the lowdown:

Things you need:

  • Baking paper/ transparent paper

  • Beautiful leaves collected by YOU

  • Glue

  • Cheese box or cardboard

Go on a scavenger hunt outside and collect your favorite leaves, little sticks, dried flowers, and other precious bits from the natural environment. You may need to flatten the leaves under some heavy books for a day or two - definitely do this with some paper towel if the leaves are wet. You want them dry dry dry.

Cut the paper to size (roughly the size of standard printer paper works). Swirl on some Elmer's Glue, arrange the leaves and add second piece of paper on top. Careful here as it can go messy so fast! You may want to let this dry before glueing to the cheese box base or cardboard. If you want to carry this, punch holes on top across from each other and tie on a handle. Otherwise, pop a tea light inside (real or fake) and admire it on the dinner table or anywhere else you need a warm autumnal glow inside the home.


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