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October 11

When chaos swirls around you, make like a tree. When a hard gust of wind comes, a tree's roots dig deep and keep it firmly planted in the Earth. That's what we have to do. Sway, flutter, drop your leaves, but stay rooted! Revolution comes from within so as hard as it is, don't disconnect. Stay here. We need you!


Mindful Mantra

Trees are as old as time and have lots of wisdom to share. Everything about them is magical - from their bark, sap, leaves, and ROOTS, which don't forget are directly in tune with the Earth's energy source.

As we face the next few weeks of utter uncertainty, we might want to tap into these elders who remind us that for dramatic change to happen, your roots have to be strong and that's when you get true alchemy.

Stay Rooted
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Love Meditation

Your roots are strong and earthed below you while your branches reach up to the sun. As the wind blows, your branches and leaves flutter and sway but you are unmoved.


Magic Carpet Yoga

This week's rituals will help you root to the earth while remaining flexible as the wind blows. Tree Pose is such a good position for balance, reminding you to keep a strong foundation while reaching up to the sun.


Magic School

Tree hugging is a thing again. And we want you to do it. On a dry day, venture out into a wooded area and put a blanket down under a tree. If you can find an oak, or the biggest oldest one, that's preferable. Sit there, look up at the branches, drink in the air, lean against it, be still and quiet. Maybe it will tell you something.

Remember to ask permission from the tree (and all plants!) before picking off anything.


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