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When we decided to partner on Peace Place for Kids, the first thing we did was fine tune the colors for the branding and marketing -- The look and feel can change the energy of everything. Our keen aesthetic awareness and pulse on emergent culture inform everything we do from curating a collection of black clothes to finding that perfect crushed velvet vintage sofa for a home. 


Hannah works in commercial semiotics, where she analyzes popular culture to inform future R&D and marketing. Kat was hired as a buyer and trend spotter for the chicest places. We both swoon for fashion, adore masterful curation, and share an ongoing thirst for knowledge. Kat followed Hannah and got a master’s degree from St. John’s College in Santa Fe in Western Philosophy soon after Hannah got hers in Eastern Philosophy.


But we first met over twenty years ago at a Performing Arts Conservatory in Connecticut run by Hannah’s mother where Kat was an art teacher. Their two families instantly chimed and remain closely aligned with similarly inclusive, loving and empowering family cultures. 


As Hannah’s “Unofficial Godmother”, Kat recently dropped by the house for an afternoon and we sang and danced and talked about parenting in these unprecedented times - Now is the time, we thought! With Hannah living the day-to-day (with three kids under three) and Kat out the other side of parenting (with two grown girls), they bring a dynamic honesty to raising star babies.

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Have a question for Kat or Hannah? Just want to say “Hi”?

Reach out via cell at 203.788.1993, or email at kathy@peaceplaceforkids.com or hannah@peaceplaceforkids.com