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August 30

As we enter a new month and full moons, we've been feeling the energy building up over the last few weeks and remembering to breathe through any emotional rollercoasters to keep things steady and abundant at home. When we feel angry or upset, take deep breaths and tap into the infinite source of cosmic love. Trust your kids and indulge in the moments of positivity.


Mindful Mantra

Focus on filling your lungs with clean air and transforming the air around you with breaths of love. Increase the circulation of love in your home. You can bring more compassion and abundance into the world just by balancing yourself with mindful breaths.

Download, print, color, meditate, breathe deeply as you consider the greater, light-filled, cosmic narrative. As always we recommend hanging these up somewhere for all to see.

Breathe in Peace Breathe Out Love (1)
Download PD • 156KB


Love Meditation

This meditation will guide you to fill your whole body with a high vibration, breathing in love and exhaling peace. Let love become a blanket around you as you sleep at night, let love glow out from your heart and transform the world one breath at a time.


Magic Carpet Yoga

This breathing in love exercise is so good at moving energy through the body and out into the world, opening you up when you feel a bit slouchy. Start cross legged, sitting upright and hands at your heart. Open your arms and heart up and then make your body concave as you bring your hands back to prayer pose. End with giving yourself hug. Think about transforming into a love magnet and literally increasing the circulation of peace in your home (and the world!)


Magic School

Clear quartz is considered highly vibrational and the 'master healer' and (pair with a little rose quartz for extra mojo) can help bring clarity to the family when the atmosphere feels foggy.

As the full moon peaks, it could be particularly helpful for mental health and connecting with the greater narrative of clear, cosmic love. Wear some as jewellery, sleep with it under your or your little one's pillow, or hang a piece in your window to reflect light.

We are particularly obsessed with these Stone Maiden Bracelets.

Remember to sprinkle salt as a barrier whenever you need a little extra protection.


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