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Yoga Poses

Basic movements that encourages children to take deep breaths, move feelings, connect to their heart, the stars and to animals.


Tree Pose will help you root to the earth while remaining flexible as the wind blows. Tree Pose is such a good position for balance, reminding you to keep a strong foundation while reaching up to the sun.


Eagle pose is on the more complicated side and may take a bit of coordination. It's great for balancing and focus but if intertwining your legs and balancing is a stretch, then just act like and eagle while you soar (run) around piles of leaves outside and imagine fearlessly riding the little gusts of cold wind.


This breathing in love exercise is so good at moving energy through the body and out into the world, opening you up when you feel a bit slouchy. Start cross legged, sitting upright and hands at your heart. Open your arms and heart up and then make your body concave as you bring your hands back to prayer pose. End with giving yourself hug. Think about transforming into a love magnet and literally increasing the circulation of peace in your home (and the world!)


We love our dogs at Peace Place so this pose has a special place in our hearts. Dogs have been particularly important companions during these challenging times and we can't leave them out of any appreciations. Plus, this calming yoga pose is a great place from which to appreciate the world and gain new perspective (upside down!).


Cat Cow is a classic yoga exercise and little kids absolutely love it because they get to harness their inner animal! The added bonus is that it's so good for cleansing the body and massaging the organs. Get on your knees and place your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and arch your back as you push your belly down toward the ground. Then release the breath and arch your back up to the sky. Don't forget to meow and moo!


Kat and Kara will demonstrate the three Warrior poses, I, II, and Peaceful Warrior, to nudge you and your little one toward becoming Love Warriors!


This week's Magic Carpet Yoga is Mountain Pose! Let's harness your inner strength and say "I am a mountain, as strong as can be, standing straight and tall for everyone to see." Remember that harnessing your inner strength and learning how to root into your body will serve you, your family, and the world.


This week's Magic Carpet Yoga is Lightning Pose. As you stretch your arms up, take a few deep breaths into your Solar Plexus. Imagine stretching up to the bolts of energy and instead of being afraid, pull the white light into your body, release tension and ground to the Earth.


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