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Mindful Mantras

Meditative coloring pages with parenting tips to help you nurture the cosmic light in your kids.


We want to focus on letting light into every pore of our body and every corner of our heart. This coloring meditation is so beneficial for thinking positively about your kids, especially helpful if you are battling any outside opinions that just don't sit right with you. So let's focus on what you love about your child and manifesting their cosmic light. Reframe negatives into positives.

Download, print, color, meditate, think positively about your kids, hang up to remind you to see the positive every day.

Sun Week
Download PDF • 329KB


Trees are as old as time and have lots of wisdom to share. Everything about them is magical - from their bark, sap, leaves, and ROOTS, which don't forget are directly in tune with the Earth's energy source.

We might want to tap into these elders who remind us that for dramatic change to happen, your roots have to be strong and that's when you get true alchemy.

Stay Rooted
Download PDF • 130KB


We love this quotation from Winnie the Pooh and now is a good time to remember that you, mama or daddy, are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Don't underestimate your super powers because you will come out of this stronger than you ever imagined.

Download, print, color, meditate, and breathe deeply. As always we recommend hanging these up somewhere for all to see.

Download PDF • 485KB

Focus on filling your lungs with clean air and transforming the air around you with breaths of love. Increase the circulation of love in your home. You can bring more compassion and abundance into the world just by balancing yourself with mindful breaths.

Download, print, color, meditate, breathe deeply as you consider the greater, light-filled, cosmic narrative. As always we recommend hanging these up somewhere for all to see.

Breathe in Peace Breathe Out Love (1)
Download PD • 156KB


As a mother, as a woman, as the primary caretaker, you are the whole world. If you are a woman, your womb is the cauldron. If you are the primary caregiver, your brain receptors are calibrated as Master Protector. You are the universal rhythm of your world.

Place your feet on the ground, imagine a string from the the heart of Mother Earth, up through your feet, through your tail bone and up into your heart. Keep the string extending up and up through your skull to the sun. Every time you walk, you step to the same pulse as the Earth. You are the universal rhythm.

Download PDF • 427KB


A tree is a good reminder of the motto As Above, So Below... meaning what we can imagine or what exists in one realm, can also exist here.... in other words, dreams can come true.

Take just a few minutes of undistracted time and really think about what your ideal day looks like - from morning to morning (yes include a restful sleep or new moon ritual or whatever!).

I am a Tree
Download • 108KB


Culture seems obsessed with showing gratitude. The thing about being grateful is that it by definition focuses on what's positive in the world, which means there is hope. Even when things feel dark and dismal, let's just take stock of what's good. Here is a thank you letter to the Universe.

Download, print, color, meditate, breathe deeply as you remember the small or big things that make your life a little easier everyday or fill you with love. As always we recommend hanging these up somewhere for all to see.

Thank you Universe
Download PDF • 1.28MB


How to Ask Your Heart a Question

Ask your heart a question and the answer will come to you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply three times and relax the whole body. Now picture your heart and go inside. See yourself surrounded by love. Now ask the question and go with the first answer that comes to you. That is how you ask your heart. Try it with your kids, they get there much faster than we do.

Listen to your heart
Download PDF • 404KB



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