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Preliminary magic to strengthen your connection with nature and foster intuition in your child


These Waldorf-inspired leaf lanterns bring a warm reminder of the wonder of nature and are prefect for evening tiger hunts and table decor. There are heaps of directions you can find online (we particularly like this one) but here is the lowdown:

Things you need:

  • Baking paper/ transparent paper

  • Beautiful leaves collected by YOU

  • Glue

  • Cheese box or cardboard

Go on a scavenger hunt outside and collect your favorite leaves, little sticks, dried flowers, and other precious bits from the natural environment. You may need to flatten the leaves under some heavy books for a day or two - definitely do this with some paper towel if the leaves are wet. You want them dry dry dry.

Cut the paper to size (roughly the size of standard printer paper works). Swirl on some Elmer's Glue, arrange the leaves and add second piece of paper on top. Careful here as it can go messy so fast! You may want to let this dry before glueing to the cheese box base or cardboard. If you want to carry this, punch holes on top across from each other and tie on a handle. Otherwise, pop a tea light inside (real or fake) and admire it on the dinner table or anywhere else you need a warm autumnal glow inside the home.


Tree hugging is a thing again. And we want you to do it. On a dry day, venture out into a wooded area and put a blanket down under a tree. If you can find an oak, or the biggest oldest one, that's preferable. Sit there, look up at the branches, drink in the air, lean against it, be still and quiet. Maybe it will tell you something.

Remember to ask permission from the tree (and all plants!) before picking off anything.


Make a journey stick or wand with the treasures you find outside. Go for a walk somewhere in nature - even a small park if you don't have access to countryside. First you have to find a good, sturdy stick. The size is entirely up to you - If it's more of a walking stick or a handheld wand. Both are personal, magical tools that you can focus energy into.

Collect tall grasses like ferns, leaves, stones, shells, flowers, herbs, and sticks anything you see along the way.

When you get home, you'll need some very long string to wrap all the treasures onto the stick. Keep this somewhere special where only you can use it (no need to share this one!). You can call on this magic stick whenever you need to reconnect with your own intuition and focus intentions. Add to it over time if your heart desires.

Even though it's getting cold, it's still so important to get outside and more important than ever to find a creative way to connect with the natural environment. This activity comes SO naturally to kids, who love collecting treasures outside. Remember this is all about the journey and reinforcing the connection we all have with the earth and harnessing the positive energy of Mother Nature.


Clear quartz is considered highly vibrational and the 'master healer' and (pair with a little rose quartz for extra mojo) can help bring clarity to the family when the atmosphere feels foggy.

As the full moon peaks, it could be particularly helpful for mental health and connecting with the greater narrative of clear, cosmic love. Wear some as jewellery, sleep with it under your or your little one's pillow, or hang a piece in your window to reflect light.

We are particularly obsessed with these Stone Maiden Bracelets.

Remember to sprinkle salt as a barrier whenever you need a little extra protection.


As things turn autumnal, we offer a recipe from a very witchy woman, Lisa Lister. We love her book Witch, Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. as it's basically a foundational text to learning all things witch and rebranding the traditional 'scary' nomenclature for optimal accessibility.

Remember, safety first!


Make up a story with your kids. Before bed is the perfect time to mix up story time. Get your little one to come up with the character and basic plot. Then it's up to you to string it out and fill in details. My stories for Theo often include him camping with his baby siblings, making sure they are warm and cosy and looking at the night stars together.

For added effect depending on your child, tell the story by walking your fingers across their backs, stopping and making tactile gestures for different parts of the story.


There are two major ritualistic fires this time of year that are so evocative of waning moon magic. The first is of course Burning Man in the Nevada desert, where they burn The Man - but also The Temple. The Temple is the truly cathartic burn, as it's a far more spiritual, contemplative release. The other fire of note is the lesser known Zozobra, which happens in one of our spiritual homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These fires are powerful for releasing emotions and clearing anxiety as community members write notes to burn within the effigies.

Are there any fires (bonfire or fire place) in your life to which you can ad a note? If you can, draw a picture, write a letter or even a single word on a piece of paper using a special pen and release it into the flames.

Remember to extra careful and take safety precautions!


Let's bottle your warrior love energy into a spell bottle. Tylyn at Altered Intentions has an amazing description and directions to get your juices flowing.

Maybe it's to enhance your own intuition, creativity, sibling love, or protection. While everyone at home may be getting a little cooped up and stressed, a great one to do right now is for enhanced harmonies in the home and within the family.

Whatever it is, this should be a fun and intuitive exercise to do with your little ones to help fine tune everyone's alchemy skills - it's basically recipe making!


Bury something in the ground.

This might be a family activity.

Print out two copies of the Mantra - the second one is to bury.

Gather a few fingernails from the family, some small locks of hair, and any other magical goodies that strike you (lavender, rose petals, sugar, rose quartz, moon water, glitter, essential oils, etc.).

Roll up your mantra or fold it three times and sew it up so no one can see.

Find a spot to bury everything under a well rooted and established tree or other special spot. If you live in a city, you may take a drive into the country or find a willing tree in a big park.

Dig a hole, place everything inside and cover. Say your mantra out loud. Cover.

"So mote it be."

Your intentions will root to the earth and flourish as the plants grow.


Crystal Grids are a powerful tool for manifesting, healing and protection. Harness the power of the Lions Gate and create a custom grid with your little one. Draw or print a design, then line the design with stones and/or crystals. We made the heart grid with the intention of having our home vibrate love.


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