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Week of August 23

Let's get what we want. After some deep hibernation, let's explore our power and become love warriors! With the moon now coming to full fruition, what are some of the ways you can evolve as well? Let's ask your heart a question, vibrate love, learn how to be a warrior, and make a beautiful spell jar for positivity.


Mindful Mantra

How to Ask Your Heart a Question

Ask your heart a question and the answer will come to you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply three times and relax the whole body. Now picture your heart and go inside. See yourself surrounded by love. Now ask the question and go with the first answer that comes to you. That is how you ask your heart. Try it with your kids, they get there much faster than we do.

Listen to your heart
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Love Meditation

This week's meditation guides you to vibrate love - to let love overflow into every cell of your body, feel love everywhere and vibrate love for everyone else to see.


Magic Carpet Yoga

Kat and Kara will demonstrate the three Warrior poses, I, II, and Peaceful Warrior, to nudge you and your little one toward becoming Love Warriors!


A Bit of Magic

Let's bottle your warrior love energy into a spell bottle. Tylyn at Altered Intentions has an amazing description and directions to get your juices flowing.

Maybe it's to enhance your own intuition, creativity, sibling love, or protection. While everyone at home may be getting a little cooped up and stressed, a great one to do right now is for enhanced harmonies in the home and within the family.

Whatever it is, this should be a fun and intuitive exercise to do with your little ones to help fine tune everyone's alchemy skills - it's basically recipe making!


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