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Week of August 17

This week is about emerging with new intentions. It's a time for personal nourishment and growth, a time to feel strong and grounded while you plan your next moves in the weeks to come.

We recommend lots of self care and nurturing for everyone. Give everyone a hall pass for wayward behavior and give extra cuddles. Remember it's just the tip of the ice berg with an ocean of emotions below. We hope this week's exercises help root you down and nurture your heart space.


Mindful Mantra

This worksheet is so empowering for your family culture. Sometimes when you know something intrinsically, we don't bother to write it down. Find twenty or thirty minutes, get a red pen to ignite your intentions, and have a good think about what kinds of vibrations you want to fill your home.

In fact, light a candle, throw some bath salts in the tub, some essential oils and do this in the bath.

For maximum effect, hang it your home for everyone to take note. ;-)

Download PDF • 118KB


Love Meditation

This meditation will guide you to embody the strength of a mountain, and visualise the sun shining down on you. Get rooted and feel strong and majestic, like a mountatain.


Magic Carpet Yoga

This week's Magic Carpet Yoga is Mountain Pose! Let's harness your inner strength and say "I am a mountain, as strong as can be, standing straight and tall for everyone to see." Remember that harnessing your inner strength and learning how to root into your body will serve you, your family, and the world.


A Bit of Magic

Bury something in the ground.

This might be a family activity.

Print out two copies of the Mantra - the second one is to bury.

Gather a few fingernails from the family, some small locks of hair, and any other magical goodies that strike you (lavender, rose petals, sugar, rose quartz, moon water, glitter, essential oils, etc.).

Roll up your mantra or fold it three times and sew it up so no one can see.

Find a spot to bury everything under a well rooted and established tree or other special spot. If you live in a city, you may take a drive into the country or find a willing tree in a big park.

Dig a hole, place everything inside and cover. Say your mantra out loud. Cover.

"So mote it be."

Your intentions will root to the earth and flourish as the plants grow.


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