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Week of August 9

As the moon disappears, it's time to banish icky things and get rid of negativity. August 8 is particularly powerful for reaching higher ground. Pull the lightening into your body and use its energy to release fear and sadness.

If you set intentions last week, think of ways to clear the path forward so as to realise them. The spiritual realm is more available to us this week so remember, As Above, So Below.


Mindful Mantra

Sit down and clear your mind. Do some journaling about the things you want to let go as we enter a new 5D world. What are the habits and reactive behaviors that don't serve you? Imagine sweeping them out of your life. You might even do some actual sweeping in your home and repeat to yourself "Today I let go of fear and sadness."

Download and color this meditative exercise. As always, we recommend hanging it on your wall as a reminder. The lightning electrifies and purifies the atmosphere and the rain washes fear and sadness away. Bring on some thunder storms!

Let Go
Download PDF • 110KB


Love Meditation

This meditation guides you on a mindful walk down a mountain while you release emotion and fill. your body with love. Take the white light of the lightning into your heart and allow it to transform you.


Magic Carpet Yoga

This week's Magic Carpet Yoga is Lightning Pose. As you stretch your arms up, take a few deep breaths into your Solar Plexus. Imagine stretching up to the bolts of energy and instead of being afraid, pull the white light into your body, release tension and ground to the Earth.


A Bit of Magic

Crystal Grids are a powerful tool for manifesting, healing and protection. Harness the power of the Lions Gate and create a custom grid with your little one. Draw or print a design, then line the design with stones and/or crystals. We made the heart grid with the intention of having our home vibrate love.


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