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September 6

Entering this new month offers renewed hope and positivity and while we are still at the beginning of the month and the moon is waning, take the week to linger over a few details. Our mantra this week is a thank you note to the universe, so take a moment to align positively around the little things that are keeping you moving forward. Enjoy the rebalancing breath of Cat Cow and always... release emotions into the ether. You don't need them! To help shed old baggage, why not make a ritual fire (safety first!) and burn off some of those old worries.


Mindful Mantra

Culture seems obsessed with showing gratitude. The thing about being grateful is that it by definition focuses on what's positive in the world, which means there is hope. Even when things feel dark and dismal, let's just take stock of what's good. Here is a thank you letter to the Universe.

Download, print, color, meditate, breathe deeply as you remember the small or big things that make your life a little easier everyday or fill you with love. As always we recommend hanging these up somewhere for all to see.

Thank you Universe
Download PDF • 1.28MB


Love Meditation

This meditation will guide you to visualise the stars shining down on you, focus on glowing with light, and remind you to begin again tomorrow knowing that you are love and you are loved.


Magic Carpet Yoga

Cat Cow is a classic yoga exercise and little kids absolutely love it because they get to harness their inner animal! The added bonus is that it's so good for cleansing the body and massaging the organs. Get on your knees and place your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and arch your back as you push your belly down toward the ground. Then release the breath and arch your back up to the sky. Don't forget to meow and moo!


Magic School

There are two major ritualistic fires this time of year that are so evocative of waning moon magic. The first is of course Burning Man in the Nevada desert, where they burn The Man - but also The Temple. The Temple is the truly cathartic burn, as it's a far more spiritual, contemplative release. The other fire of note is the lesser known Zozobra, which happens in one of our spiritual homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These fires are powerful for releasing emotions and clearing anxiety as community members write notes to burn within the effigies.

Are there any fires (bonfire or fire place) in your life to which you can ad a note? If you can, draw a picture, write a letter or even a single word on a piece of paper using a special pen and release it into the flames.

Remember to extra careful and take safety precautions!


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