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Parenting in Full Moon Energy

Welcome to the new world...

Clearly we are in a transformational experience, and many are talking about the higher consciousness that is coming to earth at this time. There is a lot going on right now that makes us feel out of control. We cannot change what is happening, but you do have a choice on how you respond to it. You can respond through the lens of fear or love. With this full pink super moon energy, you have an opportunity to teach your kids about love like never before. Now is the time, and these children already know this. They came in with a vibration of love. We just need to connect them to it.

Breathe Relax Let Go

Let love take you on a ride

Let love lead the way…

What we focus on grows. Focus on the positive aspects in your child. Let them know how and why you are grateful for them. Write them positive sticky notes and leave them around the house. Drop all the things you thought you knew about parenting and experience a new beginning of parenting through love.

Love and accept your children just as they are. In order to do that you must fully love and accept yourself. When you do this you will feel a sense of peace inside of you. Your home will vibrate with an energy of peace that your children will feel.

Let's go, let's ride, let's dream tonight over the moon we ride tonight… Allow the delicious heart opening full moon energy in the sky this week to help you vibrate to a higher place. By doing so, you light the way for your children to do the same.

All inspired parenting starts from within.



"Love Is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky," is a wonderful book for families everywhere, all about giving and receiving love. I've read it a hundred times to my three year-old friend and we never get tired of it."

Love is the Moon and the Stars and the Sky

is available here


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