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The Peace Train Membership


$18 USD / month

$180 USD / year


The Peace Train Portal is a VIP membership portal for parents and the their little ones that's dedicated to transforming the energy at home and supporting parents and their kids to vibrate at a higher level. Parenting in these unprecedented times requires us to operate differently and teach our children new modes of self reliance. 

The perks of joining:

Weekly content tailored for busy parents. We don't want you to feel overwhelmed. We want to ignite fun, light and love in your home so we've broken things down into small, heart centered morsels - all easily accessible through our website each week. 


Tools that are calibrated to the moon cycles and astrological shifts that are happening daily on our planet - all with your little ones in mind.


A love-filled approach to parenting that fosters trust and respect in your home. Our content raises the vibration in your family with a universal, macro eye on peace and love.  We believe this is how to navigate the coming new world. 

3 free Magic Carpet Yoga videos for rainy days

Free PDF download of Kat's book, Raising Peaceful Kids

Cancel any time by clicking the link in our footer (we promise we won't ask for your first born)

Each week you will receive:

Mindful Mantras ~ Meditative coloring pages with parenting tips to help you nurture the cosmic light in your kids. 

Love Meditations ~ Audio meditations for you and your kids to connect to a vibration of love.

Magic Carpet Yoga ~ Basic movements that encourages children to take deep breaths, move feelings, connect to their heart, the stars and to animals.


Magic School ~ Preliminary magic to strengthen your connection with nature and foster intuition in your child


What you need: 

A printer (black and white is fine!)

A few of your favorite crystals in any size (We recommend starting with clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst). 

Colored pencils, crayons, sharpies, markers or your favorite coloring tools 

An open mind and heart

How it works:

Sign up here, pick your membership (monthly or save annually) and get immediate access to a VIP page with this week's content. 

New content magically appears every Sunday. It will include. a short forecast, a coloring mantra for you, a new meditation for you and your LO, a yoga pose for you and your LO, and a magic school wild card.

Content lives in the portal for 4 weeks. You can download any of the videos (love meditations or magic carpet yoga) and save them for offline.

Your free Magic Carpet Yoga and PDF book are accessible at the bottom of the page - always and forever.

Cancel any time by sending us a note.

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