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Welcome to your new VIP Membership Portal, where we are dedicated to transforming energy and supporting you and your kids to vibrate at a higher level 

Access your weekly Mindful Mantras, Love Meditations, Magic Carpet Yoga, and Magic School rituals here and become generators for peace and love at home and in the world!

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This week is all about light. Following the Summer Solstice, the days are now getting shorter and shorter so we want you to worship the sun light and enjoy the last months of summer. 

Kicking the week off with the full moon energy of July 5th, it's the perfect time to dance in both the light of the sun and the moon.

Mindful Mantra

We think a coloring meditation that focuses on what you love about your child is a good way to manifest their cosmic light. Reframe negatives into positives.

Download, print, color, meditate, think positively about your kids, hang up to remind you to see the positive every day. 

"My child is strong willed, and stubborn" 

"My child is independent and fierce! They are able to take on the world with strength and determination."

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I am Sunshine

I am Sunshine

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A Bit of Magic

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Bathe your precious stones (a rock or other special object will do if you must) in the full moon and set intentions around it for the coming month 

  1. Find your magical objects

  2. During the day, scope out a nest outside somewhere with open sky above.

  3. Just before bedtime, make a special mission to place your magical objects. Make a little bed of soil, lay some leaves or a bed of pink salt.

  4. Tenderly place stones. Focus all your intentions. 

  5. In the morning, collect your newly charged crystal.

  6. Place under your pillow until laundry day. P.S. Don't let it go in the washing machine!

My child is shy and withdrawn

My child is an observer and empath. They see the energy of the world and have a highly developed sense of self.

Love Meditation

This meditation will guide you to harness our bright star to warm your body and glow from the inside out as you visualize sunlight streaming down.

Magic Carpet Yoga

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

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This week's Magic Carpet Yoga is all about harnessing the power of the sun with Sun Salutation. With everyone sheltering in place, it is so important to remember the warmth of this bright star so hopefully you can find a safe corner outside to praise it on high. Kat's daughter, Kara, demonstrates on her patio in New York City.

Last chance for Lemonade!

Lemonade is the perfect way to harness the sun. This week, infuse it with lavender! Pick some fresh if you have it and decorate your glass or brew some lavender tea and squeeze lemon it. 

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