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Peace Place for Kids is a virtual space for raising star babies. . Through yoga, meditation, mantras, and magic, we hope s to connect parents and their children to peace by offering an energetic framework for parenting in these unprecedented times

It's all about love


Our planet is experiencing an evolution. We all know it. We all feel it. It is literally written in the stars. What's next is unimaginable and totally awesome. As we unearth our past, dig deeper as individuals and as a collective, and follow our hearts, we at Peace Place have faith that the future will unfurl a universe of love. The best thing you can do is show up and raise intuitive, soulful children to lead us.

new book


Kat's newest book, “Good Evening Star Baby”, connects children to a vibration of peace with its lyrical story about flying through the stars.  This is the native habitat for your star baby and this book will nurture that cosmic light inside . 

Free Rainbow Meditation


Help your child feel peaceful with our free, 5min Life is a Rainbow audio meditation for kids. In this meditation, the child is guided to breathe in each color of the rainbow and wrap the rainbow light around them in a blanket of love, happiness, and joy.

star babies


The next generation of kids are not just beacons of hope - they are born against the odds. Having kids right now means you believe in love and have hope for the future. These are our "star babies", who reflect the unwritten future and remind us that anything can happen.

Parenting these star babies requires an elevated set of skills. It's not just about positive parenting, but about calibrating your home to a new vibration - one brimming with love and light. We want you to lead with your heart, fill the home with positive empowering energy, and reassure your star baby that their light matters.

a virtual space for

raising star babies

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Our intention with Peace Train membership is to give parents an energetic framework for parenting in these unprecedented times.


We recognize how busy parents are so we are breaking it down into smaller, easy to implement segments each week. This heart centered content will be delivered in a way that is innovative and fun, designed to spark your creativity and bring light and joy into the home. 


Our membership site contains weekly tools that are calibrated to the moon cycles and shifts that are happening daily on the planet. Using love as our guiding principle, we will send curated content that will help you and your children stay connected to a vibration of peace and ultimately prepare for the coming world. 

Each week you will receive:

Magical Brews ~ crafts, spells, potions and recipes to connect with your and your child's creative force. 

Mindful Mantras parenting tips to help you nurture the cosmic light in your kids. 

Love Meditations ~ for you and your kids to calibrate to the light of the stars and connect to a vibration of love.

Join us on a joyful ride as we connect each week with the light of the stars with love as our guide.

$18 a month 

Magic Carpet yoga movement that encourages children to take deep breaths, move feelings, connect to their heart, the stars and to animals. 


peace begins with me

As we witness these unprecedented times and find our way through parenting, it’s clear that peace begins with our children. Yes, we want to live in a more peaceful world but finding that place starts from within. At Peace Place for Kids, we offer parents and children the tools to connect to peace. Through creativity, movement, and meditation, kids can be conscious, move energy, and release tension and most of all, connect to their profound intuition. By letting go of control and focusing on positive energy and gratitude, families can meet the future with more confidence and joy.


Teach kids to be positive, grateful and listen to their hearts and intuition.

Books available in the Kripalu Bookstore, Stockbridge, MA!

"It's beautiful. She's returning magic to educations. In a time when everything is so quantified and test driven, it's wonderful to have the balance returned. kathy's books are helping children find the joy in everyday life."

~Alison, K-8 Public School Teacher





Have a question for Kat or Hannah? Just want to say “Hi”?

Reach out via cell at 203.788.1993, or email at kathy@peaceplaceforkids.com or hannah@peaceplaceforkids.com