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Raising Star Babies: A Coloring Book Journal and Parenting Guide

For Raising Your Child in a Vibration of Love

The next generation of kids are not just beacons of hope - they are born against the odds. Having kids right now means you believe in love and have hope for the future. These are our "star babies", who reflect the unwritten future and remind us that anything can happen.

Parenting these star babies requires an elevated set of skills.


It's not just about positive parenting, but about calibrating your home to a new vibration - one brimming with love and light. We want you to lead with your heart, fill the home with positive empowering energy, and reassure your star baby that their light matters.

This unique guide combines the therapeutic art of coloring with insightful journaling prompts, meditation mandalas, and invaluable parenting tips designed to foster a serene and affectionate atmosphere for your family.

Whether you're a new parent or have been on this journey for a while, this guide offers a fresh perspective on parenting that emphasizes the importance of vibrational energy in raising happy, confident, and loving children.

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🌟 Exciting News from Peace Place for Kids! 🌈

Hello, wonderful families! As a passionate fashion buyer and a designer at heart, I'm thrilled to share a beautiful project that's close to my heart. I've always believed in the power of positive messages, and now, I'm bringing this belief into a delightful new venture on Etsy!

Eco-Friendly, Inspirational Kids' Denims: Our little stars deserve to shine in every way! I've created a line of recycled kids' denims, hand-painted with uplifting messages. These are not just clothes; they're reminders for our star babies to glow with confidence and joy.


At Peace Place for Kids, we believe in starting each day with a positive intention, a moment of peace, and a heart full of gratitude. We're thrilled to announce our latest creation designed to inspire and uplift our little ones: a brand new set of Intention Cards for children! Each card in this special collection is a doorway to positivity, encouraging your child to Think Positively, Shine Brightly, Breathe Deeply, Feel Peaceful, and Be Grateful. With vibrant illustrations and empowering affirmations, these cards are crafted to engage young minds in moments of mindfulness and joy.


Each morning, your child can dive into the deck and select an intention card. This simple act starts the day with purpose and excitement.Every card carries a unique message to ponder, practice, and embody. Whether it’s about finding the light within, embracing calm, expressing thankfulness, or simply taking a deep breath, there’s a card for every day and every mood.


These cards aren’t just about starting the day right; they’re tools for lifelong learning and self-discovery. They help kids develop a vocabulary of positive emotions and coping strategies, setting the foundation for resilience and happiness.


We believe that instilling positive habits early on shapes the path for a balanced and fulfilled life. By choosing an intention each day, children learn to navigate their emotions, appreciate the beauty around them, and connect with their inner strength.Perfect for morning routines, classroom activities, or quiet moments at home, these cards are a daily invitation to explore and celebrate the magic within and all around.


Join us on this journey of mindfulness, positivity, and peace. Let’s empower our children to live their brightest, most peaceful lives, one intention at a time


Parenting Coaching

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 As your Mindful Parenting Coach, I can give you the tools to create a home filled with peace and love, the natural habitat of your Star Child.

Children's Books

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Our series of books gives children the tools they need to lead a more peaceful balanced life. Children learn to connect with their hearts, think positively, and to express their feelings.

Parenting Book's

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 Parenting book's give parents the tools to raise children in a mindful and compassionate way. In a busy, digital world these books help parents lead their children to live a more peaceful, balanced life


Mindfulness Meditation Movement-18_edited.png

Led by Mindful Parenting Coach Kat Walsh, this four week course will give you all the tools you need to navigate parenting through the eyes of love.

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Astrologically, we are ascending to a much nicer place full of peace and love. This may seem lightyears away from our current, lived reality, but have hope - the future is unimaginable and totally awesome. It will unfurl a universe of love - unconditional cosmic love.

Wow. As humans and as parents, let's lead with our hearts and souls. 

We believe that children coming into the world now are “Star Children” brought here to lead the way. This generation of children requires a new set of skills for parenting.

Peace Place is here to give you and your children the tools needed to connect with peace.  We invite you to join us on a  journey of mindfulness, movement, meditation and radical love. 

Beaded Bracelets for Family Bonding: Strengthen the connection with your little ones with our matching beaded bracelets. Adorned with words like "Shine," "Love," and "Peace," 

they're a beautiful reminder of the bond you share.

Mindful ABC Cards – Learn with Positivity: Introducing my favorite new product - Mindful ABC Cards! These aren't your ordinary alphabet cards. Each card is a mini-lesson in positivity, helping kids learn the alphabet while absorbing uplifting messages.

This is just the start, with much more to come! I'm over the moon to share this journey with you and can't wait to see how these little creations add joy and positivity to your lives.

Check out our Etsy shop and join us in this beautiful adventure of spreading love and light!

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 Our series of books connect little ones to

Good Evening Star Baby
Good Evening Star Baby
Good Evening Star Baby
Good Evening Star Baby
Good Evening Star Baby
My Mindful ABC
My Mindful ABCs
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Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.24.14 PM
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.24.06 PM



I'm a Little Yogi
I'm a Little Yogi
I'm a Little Yogi
I'm a Little Yogi
I'm a Little Yogi
Today An Elephant I Will Be
Today An Elephant I Will Be
Today An Elephant I Will Be
Today An Elephant I Will Be
Today An Elephant I Will Be

with positive messages.


"It's beautiful. She's returning magic to education. In a time when everything is so quantified and test driven, it's wonderful to have the balance returned. Kathy's books are helping children find the joy in everyday life."

~Alison, K-8 Public School Teacher

"It is a welcome change, as a parent, to have books that connect children to their heart and give them strength and practical tools to face life's daily challenges. Today's children are always on the move, over-booked and their days are over-planned. These books give us a quiet moment in each day to reconnect to our core values."

~Alisa, Parent of a 3rd grader and a kindergartner

Reading a Book

“Just a minute ago my seven-year-old daughter was sitting on the bed reading three books that had come in the mail. I was touched because we can relate to these books because this is something we teach out children every day; to show gratitude and to show love and kindness. The messages these books tell are wonderful and I’m so thrilled that i get to share them with my girls.”

~ Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

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Check out our Kids Corner for resources to help teach your little one too; let go of tension in the body through movement and exercises that move energy, let go of thought through meditation and let go of control by focusing on positive energy with mindfulness. Because we believe peace is a place of letting go. 

What Your Kids REALLY Need From You
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When you get overwhelmed by

life, work, kids & stress,

remember it is the

vibration of love that is key.


Kat Walsh

Mindful Parenting Coach

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 Join the Peace Place Family

welcome to the family!

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