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Proud to be a pride mom.

It felt like the whole world was celebrating my daughter. Last year Kayle married her college sweetheart, Sue. They met in Vermont and the wedding was held at her professor's home in the most spectacular setting on the back of Mount Mansfield. Kayle and Sue created a magical event with a huge outdoor tent, drones, the best hippest coolest DJ in all of Vermont, food trucks and even Ben and Jerrys. They had vintage plush sofas, and layers rugs on the grass. It was chic comfortable and a whole lot of fun. The evening ended with fireworks of course, as it was July 4th!

Two weeks prior I had been in New York city walking around with my other daughter Kara. I kept seeing rainbow flags and symbols of pride all over New York. There were billboards with corporate ads, sidewalk drawings and rainbows galore. It was everywhere. I had never heard of pride month, my eyes teared up with gratitude. It seemed like the whole world was celebrating with her. I felt proud to be a pride mom.

I remember when gay marriage became legal and Obama and Biden ran through the halls of the White House with rainbow flags.

I felt we had really turned a corner in America.

This year I feel we turned the clock back.

It has been a rough ride for my kids. They both reached places of success in their careers only to have them come to a complete stop, maybe never coming back again. Kayle is a video journalist and professor and Kara is a ballet dancer. It may be awhile before their industries are operating as they used to if ever. This time of unknown has been so challenging.

And as a mom I really want to fix it for them.

Even though I know that the world is shifting to a higher vibration of love, this process really sucks.

it's hard

it's isolating

it's uncertain

it's scary.

I'm proud of how Kayle and Sue have navigated this time, although not surprised . They are both really smart and so resourceful. They moved from Harlem, New York to Vermont just a few days before the shutdown happened. They have a special connection there. I like to say it's where Kayle’s heart is.

This year it is still pride month in New York, but the emphasis has shifted to a pandemic and racism racial injustice. I haven't seen evidence of pride month in New York City, but I've only been in a few block radius for the last few months. Without any kind of parades or gatherings it certainly won't feel like pride month in New York. I will never forget the feeling last year, when I walked around and felt like the entire world was celebrating my daughter with me.


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