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The three most powerful words you can say to your child

“I Trust You”

I was recently working with a client of an adult child. She was distressed because her daughter’s boyfriend was driving her crazy. She did not feel that this guy was a good fit for her daughter. No matter what she said, her daughter pushed back in a big way. Just a side note, the more you push against the more they will always push back. It’s the law of the Universe, well not really but it is true and it’s my law! My client tried everything, and she was so frustrated that nothing was working. I told her to try these three words... I TRUST YOU!

I said to tell her daughter that you trust her own instincts and intuition. Let her know you will be there to help in any way, however, in the meantime you completely trust her to make the best decisions for her. No more pushing against her, simply trust her. Guess what? It worked. Immediately her child felt supported by her mom. She felt heard and love and trusted. Their relationship got stronger and it wasn’t long before boyfriend was out of the picture completely.

This works with all ages, trust me (no pun intended), my parents raised us this way. I’m one of seven kids and my parents always said, I trust you to make the right decisions for you. The fact that they trusted me and so many of my friend’s parents did not trust them made me feel special and smart. I lived up to what they believed and so did my siblings.

I have used this over and over again with many different ages and it has always worked.

Hey by the way, I trust be the best parents ever!!!

Sending love and light,


"Life is a Rainbow" book teaches kids that life is a reflection of our thoughts. It helps children learn how to make thinking and living positively a daily habit. This book helps teach them that if they send love and joy out into the world around them, and believe in themselves, it will come back to them and affect their own lives in a very positive way. Check out this book and others at

You can download my Magic Carpet Yoga Class that follows along with the theme of this book. In the magic carpet yoga classes for kids, you and your child can follow along as we take a mindful journey to places such as a forest, ocean or secret garden.

Through yoga poses, we are able to imitate things they notice on their journey such as Tree Pose, Sun Pose, and Mountain Pose.

The journey continues through a mindful visualization. In this meditation, children breathe, relax and feel the earth, sun and light through their body as they move energy up and down and allow the body to completely unwind.

Interwoven in each class are messages such as, positive thinking, gratitude, joy and love. As always we end the class with “You are a bright and shining star!”

Follow along the Magic Carpet Yoga class at home...

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