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Telling it like it is...

What a s*** show this week has been.

Energetically it has been oppressive…

It's hot, really hot outside. It has been so hot and humid that it's been hard to go out at all. When I go out In New York City, it feels like I am walking through soup.

The Corona virus is out of control in most of the United States. With no national policy, our country is going to take some time to heal. I'm grateful to live in New York city where Covid19 is at the lowest rate since the beginning of the pandemic. I'm proud to walk down the busy city streets and everyone wearing masks. even in the oppressive heat.

It's an election year, and we're getting closer to the finish line. It is scary as hell. I'm not scared if the election is held with no interference, but I have my concerns whether or not this will happen.

In the midst of a growing pandemic we are sending troops into Portland, Maine and other cities. Our government has encouraged rounding up peaceful protestors and gassing a wall of moms who are supporting black lives matter protestors.

And on top of all of this our President is wishing well a woman who systematically groomed young women for pedophiles to abuse. This hits close to home as this happened to me as a child.

Yes, this week is a s*** show!

On top of all of this we are sending kids back to school with no real plan or idea of how that's going to be safe for all of us.

I spoke with a friend of mine who coaches and teaches a really fabulous barre class. We both share the ability to always be able to see the positive side of life and right now it's so hard. We have so many unknowns that navigating through these waters has become unbearable. The hardest thing for me is to see my daughters ages 30 and 31 live through this trying time. They often call me upset and heartbroken over our world. I don't tell them it's going to be OK or to focus on gratitude. I just listen, I hear their concerns and their pain.

This has been a rough week, energetically. I feel like we're heading full speed ahead towards a cliff. I never take it sitting down. I started walking three to five miles a day and began a new bar and yoga class. My daughter Kara and I are going to get Reiki healing in a salt cave in Long Island on Monday. Today we're shopping for paints to paint denim jackets and sweatshirts in fun designs and statements. We just want to be creative, thoughtful and supportive.

Astrologically, we have just come through a wormhole and now we are integrating and calibrating to our 5D world. Love is pouring into our planet and we are raising our vibration. However, we are used to our 3D world and change can be difficult. Everyone knows how hard it can be to change even the smallest habit, and now we're all collectively changing our entire existence. Feeling our feelings is key to moving forward into a vibration of love. Feeling our feelings can be tough it can hurt but it is the only way through to the other side.

Some weeks are harder than others and that's OK.

To take a phrase from our beloved Andrew Cuomo we are

New York Tough




and most important of all...Loving

We will get through this together…

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