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My new book "Good Evening Star Baby" has arrived!

My new book "Good Evening Star Baby" has arrived, and I could not be more excited! This book took quite a while to be born. The idea for "Good Evening Star Baby"came to me years ago at a magical place called Star Dreaming in Galisteo, New Mexico. As I was walking around the crystal pathed labyrinths, my guides channeled the book to me. They informed me that these children coming into the world now are filled with light! They are light beings and they require a different way of parenting and guidance to navigate this world. This book speaks to them, and helps them connect with that light lives inside of them.

When we shine our light, it means we love ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are. When we shine our light, it lights up the world around us.

When we shine our light, the energy encourages others to do the same.

When our light shines everyone shines...

This book keeps the child connected to the light inside of them. In the book they ride a shooting star, see rainbows light up the night sky, and connect with joyful star energy.

"Good Evening Star Baby" took a long time to be born because the time had to be just right. That time has come. We are entering as a world into 5D consciousness. This is a time when the world is moving to a vibration of peace and love.

That is why now was the time to birth Star Baby, because this book carries the vibration of love and light for these star babies to connect with their hearts and remember to shine.

So, let's all shine our light and vibrate love!

Sending love to you all,



Click here to order your copy today!


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