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Let There Be Peace on Earth

This blog was published in Huffington Post in 2017 and seems extremely relevant today!

I grew up in a big Irish Catholic family with six siblings. We went to Catholic schools and church every Sunday. I loved when we sang in church Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Who knew so many years later I would be teaching children how to find peace inside. I wonder if this song planted a seed so many years ago that peace does indeed begin with me? Recently I have had to reach deep inside to find that place of peace. I am highly sensitive to energy and whether I want to or not, I can feel deeply others’ pain and hurt. This political year has been hard for me. I want to believe the best in people. I know there are good people in America doing great things. But, we do look to leaders to lay a foundation and this year has been horrifying. I am ashamed and embarrassed by our President. His blatant racism hurts my soul. When I am walking in New York City or riding my bike in my mostly Hispanic neighborhood in Santa Fe all I want to do is apologize. “I’m so sorry,” I want to say, “He doesn’t speak for me.” Instead I look at them and send love from my heart to theirs. I have had to reach deep into my soul and really practice what I preach to find that place of peace inside of me. I teach children to breath, meditate and move to find it. Why? Because peace is where your life soars. Nothing and no one can affect you when you are in a vibration of peace. It’s not about finding peace or looking for peace. It’s about connecting with peace. You can’t strive, work hard, or study hard to find peace. Peace is a place of letting go and then the connection happens. Connecting with peace puts you in harmony with life. When we connect with peace, we live a life of joy, because that is what we attract. We are able to go to that place of peace inside, no matter what is happening on the outside, and ultimately, peace is where the power lies. We are in control when we are at peace. External influences don’t bother us. So how do we connect our children to peace? 1) Meditation is the most important way. When my kids were little we would meditate every night together as part of our evening routine. It helps the mind let go and relax. There are meditation aps and videos that you can put on for them as they drift off to sleep in a peace. 2) Going for a walk in nature helps us connect with the greater world around us. Looking up at the sky, feeling the vibration of the trees and the earth helps us to realize that we are all a part of something bigger than us. 3) Staying mindful and in the moment. Living for today frees our spirit and focuses our energy on the most important things right in front of us. Focus on the now and let go of the past and stop worrying about the future and you will feel a sense of peace and calm. When children connect with peace, they are able to listen to their own inner voice and intuition. Intuition guides the children to do what is best for them, which brings them to a vibration of peace. This vibration of peace attracts more good things and takes the child round and round in a circle of joy. My wish for everyone this year is that we are able to find peace within our hearts and experience the pure joy that it can bring…


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