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Let's Dance!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I’ve been playing that song by Kelly Clarkson on my Covid-19 playlist. Along will some other songs like “I Will Survive” and “Turn off the News and Build a Garden” by Willie Nelson. My playlist is on Spotify and it is called “Corona Playlist Positive Vibes”

When my kids where little, I used to blast Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson every night after their bath. We danced like crazy. It was such a fun ritual and was always a part of our day. It made us all happier.

In this crazy time, we are living in, what are you doing to lift the mood in the house? Making a playlist is fun and easy to do. Make it happy and upbeat. As the music plays you may find yourself and your kids singing the words. When I was little, my mom used to play “Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Day…” I still sing it today along “You are My Sunshine.” By choosing positive upbeat songs my mom was planting the seeds of joy in me. I am so grateful to her, as being positive has really helped me the last few weeks.

This time is challenging for us all. I’ve been working with parents a lot the last few weeks. One thing that I have stressed is for them to try to put themselves in the place of their children. Their lives have been totally disrupted, no school, parents are home, cooped up in the house. This must be terrifying for them. When they start acting out, see if you can just respond by saying, I see you are frustrated, scared or angry. Use feeling words. Help them to feel their feelings, by drawing a balloon and putting the feelings in the balloon. Next, have them close their eyes, breathe, feel the feelings and let them go up to the sky.

Also feelings are like a wave. Picture a wave, breathe deeply with your child, see where the feelings are stuck in the body, then let the wave wash over your head and out through the toes, taking the feelings with it. You may need to do this for a few times.

This might be a good time to introduce some small mindful tools to help your family thrive. In my 5 Day’s to A Mindful Home free workbook, I give parents the tools to add some joy into the day. These tools are easy to implement, and don’t take much time. One parent, this week told me that even her husband noticed a difference when she started to use these few mindful tips. He felt the difference in the home, and in her right away. Can you imagine what your kids will feel?

If you haven’t tried my free Magic Carpet Yoga class get it here. We focus on rainbows and positive thinking. Throughout the class are positive affirmations, a mindful walk in the woods using yoga poses, and a lovely meditation at the end.

I hope these tools help you through this challenging time we are living through. Remember, we are all in this together and when all else fails put on some great music and dance.




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