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Less thinking, more feeling

This week, my husband and I are trying to infuse everything we do with love. There is an inclination in my family to overthink things by bringing a narrative to the smallest details. This has served me well as a semiotician and cultural analyst but lingering over details does not always serve me well as a parent. A one-off comment does not often need analysis and a single tantrum or expression of punky insubordination are not symptomatic of a problem child. As a mom of three under three, I need to let sh*t go. I need to not always overthink our world – be discerning yes, want the best – of course, discipline yes, but for heaven’s sake, do not start the day thinking of your star baby as a problem. I hate to say it but there are no hard rules. Even in my seemingly never-ending attempts for consistency and routine, things change.

There are so many opportunities for negativity to fester – or even more unsuspectingly, analysis. But now is not the time to sit on that perch. Get down and dirty and start playing with your feelings (and your kids) – those fickle, transient and disobedient gusts of wind that move around your body – don’t ignore them. Fall in love with your kids all over again.


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