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Intention boards for the family!!!

I raised my two amazing girls Kara age 31 and Kayle age 29 using all the spiritual tools I had been learning and practicing for myself. I studied Wayne Dyer, The Artist Way and Louise Hay to name a few. I wanted my girls to grow up knowing how to be peaceful, kind, loving and how to manifest a wonderful life. One activity we did every year was creating intention boards. I would get poster boards and we would cut out images and words from magazine and create beautiful boards that we could hang on the wall and look at every day. I taught them to listen to their hearts. We played soft music and hardly spoke at all as we created magic boards of our wishes and dreams.

In my parenting classes I teach parents to consciously think about and write out their intentions for raising their kids. This is a great practice, and helps make parenting decisions really easy.

My intention for my kids was simple, I wanted them to let their hearts guide them. I felt if they followed their hearts and not their heads they would live an authentic, joyful life. I trusted that they knew the best way for themselves. This made it easy to guide them when they weren’t sure about something. We would be quiet, breath, relax and go within for all the answers.

2020 is feeling like a powerful year. For this New Year think about your intention for raising your kids, write it down and let it guide you.

I was thinking this morning, that it would be fun idea to get the whole family together and do a family intention board. Everyone could work together gluing pictures and words to a board that maps out a vision for the year ahead for the whole family. This is a perfect arts and crafts activity to do over the Holidays. Start gathering magazines and images and put them in a box. Add glue sticks, mod podge, glitter and stickers and have fun creating magic and manifesting your dreams.

Please share with me on Instagram your boards, I would love to see them.


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