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How to talk with your kids about death

What happens when we die? That is a question many children may be asking and wondering about right now.

Death rates are being splashed across the tv screens. You may be experiencing the death of someone you and your child knows right now.

How do we talk about a subject like this to our kids?

First thing is to be honest with them. Tell them how you feel and don't be afraid to talk about it. If you don't talk about it your children will feel your energy and may be more nervous. They may wondering if something could happen to you. I had terrible separation anxiety when I was a child. My mom had cancer and was in and out of hospitals and treatments and I was so afraid she would die. No one ever talked about it in my home growing up. I feel that they thought if they did not mention it then we would not think those thoughts or feel those feelings. Not talking made my imagination take over with many different scenarios. I was filled with fear.

Telling the truth and talking about their feelings is the key.

Do you know when Andrew Cuomo tells us the facts? Sometimes those facts are hard to swallow but at least it is the truth. Then he follows up with a positive message "We are strong and New York tough and we will get through this together." In the end we feel better knowing the truth. So talk with you kids, tell them how you are feeling. Let them express their feelings as well.

My book "Tara's Message" helps children process the idea of death. It tells them what happens when you die. In the book it says you feel the weight of the body leave and you feel like flying, like soaring through the sky and jumping on the clouds. You feel love like you never felt before...It lets kids know that they are always connected through their hearts. This book can help open the conversation with your kids and help everyone process their feelings. Over the years many adults have bought this book for comfort.

I am sending big hugs and love to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one.



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