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Are you struggling to be the perfect parent? In this age of “social media” parenting, are you feeling the pressure to always look good on the outside when everything feels like it is falling apart on the inside? What if parenting could be fun...pushing less and loving more.How would it feel to stop focusing on the to-do list and start feeling joy in each moment? Our peaceful parenting course is a guide that helps you use gratitude and positive words to parent consciously. You will create an intention, use your intuition, focusing on the positive, and teach your kids to do the same. Your home will harmonize with notes of love, joy, and fun.

The peaceful parenting course will help you let go of any preconceived notion as to what parenting may look like, sound like, or move like to embrace a totally new way to parent. Each child has an untapped potential, a hidden gem, within them which is capable of universal magic, brilliance and beauty. Your job as a parent is simply to allow that to shine. When you parent through the lens of universal love, you realize that there is a higher purpose to all things and every experience is perfect. Love and compassion replace judgement. Parenting using your intuition helps you feel more inner joy and trust in the universe. When you stop judging yourself and your child you begin to move through life with ease and confidence. Isn’t that the real goal?



To book a coaching appointment with Kathy $75 for an hour. Call 203.788.1993 or email for more information.
Peaceful Parenting Class
Included with this course is a digital copy of Kathy's book "30 Days to a Mindful Home."
Mindful Birthday Party
Kathy will come to your birthday party and help you have the most peaceful birthday party. Kathy will lead the children through a mindful journey though the magic carpet yoga class to a forest, ocean or secret garden. Kathy will lead children through yoga poses and a guided meditation. At the end of class, the children will color a mandala. Each child will take home one of the children's books, a crystal, and an intention card. Call 203.788.1993 or email for more information.
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