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What is 5D? 

Being in the 5th dimension means that you are resonating at a high vibration. The 5th dimension is one of unconditional love, peace, and happiness.

Who are star babies? 

The next generation of kids are particularly calibrated to a vibration of love. These "star babies" are filled with light, are highly intuitive, and perfectly in harmony with the new earth. 

What do you mean by peace?

You can’t strive, work hard, or study hard to find peace. Peace is a place of letting go and then the connection happens. When we connect with peace we are in a place of calm, we are not pushing against life and therefore, are in the flow. We feel peaceful no matter what is happening on the outside, and ultimately, peace is where the power lies. When we are at peace we can listen to our hearts and let our intuition guide us.

I’ve never meditated before….

Everyone can learn to meditate, children are particularly adept at it. There are many different paths to meditation. It is easier now with so many apps. You can just be still and

1) listen to a download

2) countdown from 10 to 1 or any numbers you wish 

3 )put meditation music on and relax. 

4) You can lie down or sit up. I say there are no rules, just let go. 

When thoughts come into your mind gently move your energy to your heart. Keep repeating till it becomes easier to let the mind go and drop into deep relaxation. 

What is a spell?

It’s intention on steroids!!!

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