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COVID POLICY: Now that state mask mandates have been lifted we are leaving it up to parents to decide whether or not to mask their child or themselves. 

Mindfulness Summer Camp

4 Weeks 

 June 21 - July 15th 

5-11 years old $180 a week

$75 Day rate 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Immerse your child in mindfulness.

Activities will include a mindful craft, journaling, meditation, art, drumming, breath work, yoga, crystals, chakras and movement. Your child will create positive habits while learning how to feel connected to a vibration of peace, gratitude, positive thinking and self love. 


805 Early Street 505-303-8727

For more info call

Kat’s cell 203-788-1993

or sign up below 


Reiki flute chakra
sound healing

Sunday, April 24 from


Children and families will be able to experience the deep healing of the sounds and vibrations of the flute infused with Reiki energy to open and balance  the Chakras . 

Zach Grace 

$20 per adult 

kids are free!