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“Turn off the News, Build a Garden''

When covid first started Willie Nelson and his son wrote a beautiful song called “Turn off the News, Build a Garden''

Turn off the news and build a garden

Just my neighborhood and me

We might feel a bit less hardened

We might feel a bit more free

Turn off the news and raise your kids

Give them something to believe in

Teach them how to be good people

Give them hope that they can see

Hope that they can see

Turn off the news and build a garden with me

When I first heard it I cried. I knew what he meant. What we focus on grows. Energy is everything, filling your head with negative thoughts will never help anything. Watching the news is depressing, so I have given it up. I know so many people that simply cannot take the hammering of constant negativity. There is a lot to be concerned about but…

There is a lot of good going on as well.

I’m believe that “anything can happen” When I speak with my kids and they say it may be a year before we are back with people again. I say to them with great confidence “you never know, anything can happen!”

You never know what forces are out there that can be positive and ground breaking. This virus and racial unrest could be the turning point to allow the higher consciousness, that we have all been waiting for to come in. According to all my spiritual guides the new earth has arrived and 5D consciousness is here.

Building a garden is a symbol of new growth. Focus on good things and they will grow. Plant seeds of love and gratitude instead of hate and divisiveness. It's been a week now since I've turned off the news. I still feel some tinge in my body, a slight craving for my addiction to the story of the day. If I don't focus on the sensational stories perhaps some of the air will come out of the balloon so to speak. Bad news, bad deeds and evil statements need someone to focus on them to have power. I realized for me to hold the vibration of 5D consciousness I need to focus on good things, feel grateful and vibrate love. So what do I do instead of watching the news? I'm walking 10,000 steps a day, listening to fun music, dancing around, reading some great books, meditating, and watching SGN (Some Good News) on Facebook for a little laugh or a happy cry.

When I go for my long walks in the morning in New York City, I focus on the beauty around me. I sing along to songs like I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross and Last Dance by Donna Summer. I think good thoughts and send love from my heart to people walking by. At the end of my walk I feel happy. I'm reading books now more than ever. My daughter Kara is part of Reese's book club. She gets the books and we both read them and share our thoughts. It's fun to get lost in another world. I love interesting stories that are beautifully written. They whisk me away from the day-to-day reality.

I meditate every day. I listen to calibrations by a master 5D Astrologer named Christine Clemmer. She calibrates my energy to vibrate love at a level of 5D consciousness. She brings me into my heart space. From my heart space I put positive thoughts into the world for great healing of humanity.

There is nothing more fun than planting a garden with your kids, even a small indoor herb garden is nice. When my kids were very little we took a small round dish, planted grass seeds, put in crystals and stones and called it a fairy garden. They absolutely loved watching it grow.

I often compare raising kids to planting a garden.

In the soil add your intention for your home and your kids.

Sprinkle seeds of positivity, kindness and compassion on top.

Water it with love and watch….


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