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What is 5D?

5D is literally the next dimension of consciousness. Astrologically,  we are ascending to 5D and thankfully, 5D is a much nicer place full of peace and love. 

Who or what are star babies?

This is really just a fancy name for your beautiful, amazing child. But if you want to get technical, the next generation of kids are supercharged with love and peace.  

What do YOU mean by peace?

We are talking peace at a macro level, peace that is as old as well... the stars. Peace is when you stop pushing against life and you feel like you are floating... in the cosmos... with diamonds.

I can't meditate

Let's first adjust our expectations. Start with 1 minute of listening to what's around you or just take 3 deep belly breaths. 

We'll explain more on our blog soon!

My child won't meditate

We hear you. It can be hard, especially if you have young kids. The good news is that children are particularly good at meditating. Like with any new routine, it just takes a little consistency and creativity. 

We'll explain more soon on our blog!

What is a spell?

A spell (or mantra) is intention on steroids. It's the ability to manifest. I know this is a woo woo world but you might never get a raise unless you ask!  

Check out our blog post on magic for more.

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